Effects of a Whole-Body Electrical stimulation Program on Strength, Sprinting, Jumping, and Kicking Capacity in Elite Soccer Players


dynamic whole body ems sessions

Two dynamic whole-body EMS sessions in combination with 30 squat jumps (12 minutes) concurrently to 6-7 soccer training sessions per week and one match are sufficient for effectively enhancing maximal strength, sprinting and jumping performance, and kicking capacity in professional soccer players. Strength gains achieved with WB-EMS might need more than 7 weeks (14 sessions) to significantly influence jumping and kicking performance when only applied twice a week.

Our findings indicate that WB-EMS training, as new stimulus, can complement or modify the common training structure and thus is able to enhance the athletic performance even of highly trained athletes.

Further studies are needed to enlarge the knowledge about practical application in this field and in view of possible undelaying mechanisms such as muscle hypertrophy or muscle fiber shift. EMG-analysis may contribute to gain knowledge about EMS induced neuronal adaptations in further studies.



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