Efficacy and Safety of Low Frequency Whole-Body Electrical muscle stimulation (WB-EMS) to Improve Health-Related Outcomes in Non-athletic Adults. A Systematic Review


low frequency whole body electrical muscle stimulation

WB-EMS significantly improves muscle mass and function while reducing fat mass and low back pain. Although there is some evidence of a positive effect of WB-EMS on cardio-metabolic risk factors, this aspect requires further detailed study. Properly applied and supervised, WB-EMS appears to be a safe training technology. In summary, WB-EMS represents a safe and reasonable option for cohorts unable or unwilling to join conventional exercise programs. However, much like all other types of exercise, WB-EMS does not affect every aspect of physical performance and health. There is considerable evidence that “low-frequency WB-EMS” /i.e., <100 Hz significantly and clinical relevantly increases health-related parameters in moderately trained and untrained middle-aged to older non-athletic cohorts. The most prominent effect of WB-EMS is, however, the significant impact on body composition. In this context, sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity in the elderly might be the most promising targets.



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