EMS Can Decrease Subcutaneous Body Fat While Increasing Muscle Mass

ems can decrease subcutaneous body fat while increasing muscle mass

Ems can decrease subcutaneous body fat while increasing muscle mass. When we look at body composition we have water content, connective tissue, organs, muscle mass and body fat. Primarily the two variables we focus on that can change our health and change how we look are the ratio between the lean body mass made up mostly of muscle and body fat.

It is especially important to build muscle and reduce fat content in the body. Fat was once thought to have been an inert tissue but that has been proven false. There is a large metabolic price to pay for maintaining a large percentage of body fat. For every pound of fat you carry, the body must create approximately a mile of capillaries and extra blood vessels to carry nutrients in and cellular waste products away from those cells. So, if you are carrying say an extra 10 pounds, that is ten miles of blood vessels your body had to make, maintain and push blood through. That creates undue stress and strain on the heart and blood vessels to pump blood to extra fat cells, mile after mile.

You can calculate your percentage of muscle to fat as a helpful index to overall health. It is call Body Mass Index. You can look up your BMI percentages here or here

Science has recently found that those fat cells are not just little blobs of inert suet. Fat cells make hormones that keep you fat. You don’t get fat by eating fat. You get fat by eating sugar, but this is a topic for another blog post. However, you have a secret weapon in getting rid of unwanted fat. Muscle burns fat as fuel.

Now, muscle is a very metabolic tissue, which means it is dynamic. It comes and goes depending upon usage. You move, muscle grows. You stop moving and muscle is absorbed back into the body. Face it, muscle is protein and we live by using protein as a fuel. It is expensive for the body to just keep muscle lying around not contributing. Muscle’s purpose is to keep you moving. Life is motion! Motion is medicine!

I won’t kid you, you must work for every pound of muscle you build. Conversely, you also pay for every pound of fat you carry. That cost is metabolic imbalance and shorter vital life with larger possibilities of those diseases of degeneration; cardiovascular events such as heart attack or stroke, blood sugar imbalances such as diabetes visiting you.

“I’m in shape – round is a shape.” Rodney Dangerfield

We all want to look good. A little vanity is a good thing but let’s not get carried away. I want to make it clear that I am not saying that fat is ugly. Beauty is not in your size – beauty comes from inside, not how you look on the outside. I am speaking not of fat but to fitness. Generally, your size is more a health and fitness matter. Yes, looking good is a concept that feeds our vanity. But feeling good, increasing our vitality is a concept that matters. It affects your health, well-being and longevity. It gives our kids good role models and direction to seek out and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

The best way I’ve found to maximize the benefits of exercise and burn calories is by using whole body electrical muscle stimulation (WB-EMS). You get more muscle contraction in less time so you max strength building and fat burning in shorter time. In 2-a-week 20 minute sessions you can get the benefits of three 90-minute intense gym workouts. (That’s 40 minutes compared to 4 and a half hours) And your joints will thank you because there is no joint loading as there is when you lift weights. FITtec.® is a Whole Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS) studio. You can get a great muscle strengthening, muscle toning, muscle building workout that will eat fat as fuel.

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