4 Ways to Improve Your Gut Health

4 Ways to Improve Your Gut Health

Have you ever suffered from bloating, IBS, digestive issues or a weak immune system? Many people think that reducing gluten, cutting sugar and taking a multi vitamin will answer all of these problems but in reality it may be that your gut health isn't as healthy as it should be.

Gut bacteria often changes due to lifestyle and dietary factors. Toxins, sugar, stress and  foods with low nutrient quality will decrease the amount of gut bacteria in your system. Our gut flora is in charge of gastrointestinal health, protecting your immune system, preventing infection and regulating your metabolism.


If you suffer from any of the issues above, here are some simple ways to improve your gut health:

Detox from inflammatory foods. These foods include anything highly processed (over 3 ingredients), sugar, dairy and wheat. Eat lots of organic, whole foods and filtered, non chlorinated water. “Studies also show that a diet rich in a variety of organic fruits and veggies can help with gut flora.” (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20679230)

Cultivated and Fermented Food. These types of foods contain probiotics along with the healthy bacteria that improves your digestion. Some of these foods include cultivated yogurt, Sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, miso, raw cheeses and kimchi. Anything that is cooked or more processed generally means most of the good bacteria and enzymes are killed. The effect of these foods in your diet is unbelievable!

Pre and Probiotics. If you can not get enough of these through food, taking a probiotic found in a capsule or liquid or tablet will be helpful. It is extremely important to remember if you take antibiotics often, both good and bad bacteria in the stomach are damaged. You need a high dosage of probiotics before during and after the usage of antibiotics to restore.

Manage Stress. Stress truly is the #1 cause for many diseases and it strongly effects the gut as well. Elevated hormones caused by stress exhausts the system and it becomes difficult to absorb nutrients in the gut. A healthy addition to combat stress is a 10 minute meditation.


As Hippocrates once said “All disease lives in the gut”. Transforming your gut health can be the answer to many of your health issues!

Andrea Rodgers

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