Fall, Seasonal Eating and the Equinox

Fall, Seasonal Eating and the Equinox

Autumn is here! Time to break out the pumpkin spice. As the cooler weather approaches, you may notice your cravings for certain foods start to change. No longer does your body want salads but rather soups and heartier foods. According to natural health experts, it is important to eat with the cycles of nature to not only benefit your health but also natural farming practices and the environment. Let’s dive into the top 3 reasons that eating seasonally is the way to go.

The Environment:

Food availability is now year round through modern agricultural practices. But even with this luxury, it doesn’t mean that’s the way we should eat. By supporting local farmers and agriculture, you are cutting your carbon foot print by reducing truck and shipping transport and pollution. There are so many small farmers in our area that you can easily drive to and cut out the third party blowing smoke in the air.

When you purchase foods seasonally, their nutrient quality is actually at its peak. The foods are being grown in the climate and timing that they natural would grow without technology. More often than not, there are less pesticides on the food which have been linked to cancer and many other diseases. Connecting with the earth is extremely beneficial to your health. Get outside to your local farmers market or farm- connect with your food!

Your Health:

Eating local, seasonal foods connects your internal body with our outside environment, the earth. By understanding the patterns of the seasons, our body will know what we should eat. As it is cool outside and we need to bundle up, our bodies naturally will crave warmer foods; foods with more nutrients to keep us healthy. 

Our pineal gland (which is in the back of our brain) connects us with our external environment. It’s job is to control our metabolism, circadian rhythm, sexual development and our sleep and wake cycles. By aligning our pineal gland with the environmental seasons, your body will naturally respond. Fall and winter are the times for us to slow down and store a little extra fat for the cold weather. Gaining a few extra pounds is natural!

Also, by eating foods that are unseasonal sends mixed messages to the body setting us up for an imbalance. This can cause your immune system to suppress and increase your susceptibility to illness. Eating seasonally boosts immunity!

The Equinox:

This period of time can bring a massive transformation in your life. Each season holds a very powerful shift that can allow yourself to let go of the past season and prepare for a fresh start. Eating seasonally will enhance that shift. 

The Equinox is a mirror. Day light and darkness are in perfect balance which shows us a pattern to follow. Take this time to reflect on the things that you wish to release and those that you hope to manifest. Find those things that you struggle with and start to understand them. Use those struggles as a lantern to light your path this season. 

Join a local CSA. Shop at the Farmers Market. Spend time outside. Let go of those things that hold you back.


Certified Holistic Health Coach




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