Fitness Book launch: A book on Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology and the future of EMS Fitness in the USA

Fitness Book launch: A book on Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology and the future of EMS Fitness in the USA

Boulder, CO–July 2019— Why workout for hours when 20 minutes of EMS training will see the same results and most times, even better. FITtec.® EMS Fitness CEO and Co-founder, Shaun Bezuidenhout with Dr. Richard Garde launch their new book on EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology, the business of EMS Fitness in the USA and how this new fitness technology will change the way we workout now and into the future. Are you ready for the revolution?

Electro muscle Stimulation (EMS): The FITtec.® Revolution

FITtec.® EMS Franchise CEO and Co-Founder launches new book on EMS and their franchise business opportunity 


Boulder, CO–April, 2019—Based on a successful, science-backed European fitness technology, FITtec.® EMS Fitness studio launched the franchise system in April of this year. CEO and Co-Founder, Shaun Bezuidenhout with Dr. Richard Garde, have gone a long way to create a book that encapsulates all that Electrical Muscles Stimulation is, can do and the business of EMS fitness in the USA, in a way that is easy to digest. The aim of the book is to provide the information people will need in order to better understand how this technology is going to change the way we workout now, into the future and how they can get take advantage of the coming revolution. Answering questions like:

  • What is EMS?
  • How does EMS work?
  • Does EMS Hurt and is it Safe?
  • Does EMS increase sports performance?


Here is an excerpt from the book...


An introduction to EMS

Imagine a world where you can get hours of conventional strength workouts in 20 minutes! Believe it or not, it’s real. You may be skeptical and that’s fine. You should be, nothing should be accepted as truth without, validation and empirical evidence. That’s why we wrote this book. To educate as many people about EMS as we can. This new workout phenomenon will inspire you to workout, give you the change you were looking for in your routine, rehabilitate that sore, weak muscle or simply keep you lean, fit and strong. Whatever your fitness goal, electrical muscle stimulation can help you get there.


The Way it Works

According to current studies, EMS training is one of the top trends in the international fitness market. In Europe, the trend has lasted 10 years and shows no signs of slowing down. Mild use of electric impulses are used to increase muscular contraction beyond the usual level. This creates a strong training stimulus with no joint strain during the work-out which allows EMS to achieve better results in less time.

At FITtec® we’ve helped men and women ranging from 17 to 84 years old achieve remarkable results. This is no overnight get fit, ripped or jacked workout though, you will still need to put in the work regularly. Then and only then, will you see the results you desire. Some of our clients were in wheelchairs, experiencing chronic pain, totally immobile, depressed, pre-diabetic, overweight and just plain out of shape when they came to us. Clients with a medical condition consult their physicians prior to training. Some clients lacked fitness and sought the motivation to live their best life. Some to build muscle and increase their performance. While EMS has been changing lives all over the world, it is now here in the USA.

We have one woman who comes in, we’ll call her Rita. Rita is a grandmother in her mid-sixties; she was weak, overweight, and in a wheelchair. Rita is not paralyzed but because she has intense nerve pain that has caused her to become immobile. Her nerve pain, in turn, caused secondary physical and psychological issues which lead to depression.

Now Rita tried all sorts of remedies and pills, but nothing stopped the primary cause of nerve pain until she tried EMS training. Today, she has been with us for over two years and is one of our most loyal raving fans. EMS training has changed

Rita’s life. She no longer requires the use of the wheelchair. She can now pick up and play with her grandkids, she is leaner, stronger and most of all, the nerve pain is manageable. “My pain is down from a 10 to a 2 and I’ve never been happier,” Rita tells us. EMS training outcomes are different for everyone. FITtec® works with you to develop a personalized workout de- signed to reach your individual, specific goals.


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The FITtec.®  franchise system is perfect for multi-unit ownership due to many factors including low start-up and operational overhead, as well as cutting-edge technologies to manage studios and staff.  Where traditional gyms require thousands of square feet of space and hundreds of thousands of dollars to furnish with expensive equipment, FITtec.®  offers a boutique fitness experience with cutting-edge technology that is significantly changing the way humans get fit and stay healthy.


FITtec.® EMS Fitness is the very first EMS fitness franchise in the U.S. featuring Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) personal training.  We are seeking franchise operators that are looking for a sustainable fitness business.  Qualified candidates should be individuals who desire to transform people, enjoy fitness and a healthy lifestyle.


Contact us for more information or to schedule an interview.


FITtec.® – Fitness for Life



FITtec.® EMS Fitness





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