Lessons You Can Learn from Fasting

Lessons You Can Learn from Fasting

There has been a lot of hype about fasting in the nutrition world so I felt it would be helpful to cover this topic. I have used fasting with clients and in my own diet for many years and have found it to be very helpful. But as with anything in life, we are all individuals and there is no one size fits all rule about nutrition.

The answer to the question of “Is Fasting Right for Me?” is dependent on the person but I believe we all can benefit from it in the right situation. Here are some key facts about fasting and how it can benefit you.

Fat burning hormones. In the morning, our insulin (fat storage hormone) is highest. Fasting in the morning can help lower insulin and increase growth hormone to help facilitate fat burning. Our hormones are the most important factor in burning fat and learning how to work with them will help with your results.

Feel your hunger. We are living in a food driven society where many people do not know what it truly feels like to be hungry. I’m not talking about being mentally hungry but your body physically needing food to fuel. Allowing yourself to feel physically hungry is an interesting experience because many times, you are actually emotionally hungry when you eat. You’re bored. Or stressed. Or society has told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Feeling your hunger in the morning can be liberating.

Food is safety. Eating is normal. And overindulging is as well. But under consuming for some reason is looked upon as weird. Unfortunately, in the human body, overconsumption can cause major diseases like diabetes, heart disease and obesity. People get anxious over the thought of skipping a meal but in reality there are major health benefits to it. Religions have had fasting in their calendars forever, sometimes for over 40 days! Fasting gives you a new perspective on food that it is fuel and should be appreciated. We no longer live in a time where food is scarce. We do not need to be afraid of missing a meal. It may actually do us some good.

Cleansing. We may not know it but our body has stored energy (fat) that needs to be used. By fasting, you will start to tap into those fat stores. We spend so much of our time digesting our foods that fasting gives the body time to use the extra energy. I consider this clean up time.

My story: Fasting is a journey as is fat loss. I spent years being a slave to eating, food prep and fat loss. By beginning to fast, I learned what it felt like to be hungry. I found out that I was usually emotionally hungry. I would eat out of routine without actually thinking about why I was eating. It helped me listen to my body and find out what it really needed.

Every body is different. Is fasting right for you? It depends on you and where you are in your journey. If you are interested in learning how to incorporate fasting in your diet feel free to sign up for a health coaching session with me.

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Andrea Rodgers

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