Post Workout Nutrition = Results

Post Workout Nutrition = Results

As many of us lead busy lives, we sometimes forget the secret recipe to optimizing all of the hard work you put in at the gym. That recipe is post workout nutrition. This will maximize your workout efforts and get you faster results!

Here is a breakdown of what happens to your muscles after a workout.

When you resistance train with EMS, you are slowly creating micro tears in the muscle fibers. After the workout is done, your muscles want to repair these tears which is how you get stronger, leaner and fitter. By repairing the muscle with certain nutrients you will see the best results possible. It is the same thing as filling a car with a specific type of gas. It probably will not run very well on the wrong kind, right?

The repair and rebuilding process comes from the breakdown of old damaged proteins and the rebuilding of new ones through a process called protein synthesis. This breakdown is at its’ peak after your workout, within 2 hours. Optimally, we will find a balance between the breakdown and rebuilding process so we can build strength, lose fat and feel fit. This balance is achieved through eating the right nutrients.

protein breakdown and synthesis

What should you eat during this window of opportunity?

You need to consume protein (to aid in protein synthesis) and carbohydrates (to replenish muscle glycogen). Protein shakes and drinks are so popular because sometimes you are not hungry after a workout or you don’t have time to prepare something. A shake is a great choice (as long as it’s full of whole food ingredients and little sugar :) ). Try to get 30 grams of carbs and 15 grams of protein in whatever meal it is that you choose to consume.


Take advantage of your workouts by fueling your body with nutritious foods! Workouts alone with yield results but it’s the combo of nutrition and exercise that will make them super charged :)

Andrea Rodgers

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