What A Health Coach Eats In A Day

What A Health Coach Eats In A Day

I used to rummage through fitness magazines in search of the perfect meal plan. The one that would make me skinny, shrink my midsection and make me feel strong and confident. I found many diet plans. They worked for a short amount of time but then I ended gaining the weight back again and then some. 

Why weren’t they working? Was it my will power or did I miscalculate the amount of peanut butter on my rice cake? What I have come to find out is the reason that these diet plans failed was because they weren’t made for me.

I wanted to look like the girl smiling next to the article but there was no way we could have identical diet plans. She wasn’t 25% Russian, 25% Polish and 50% european mutt. She didn’t grow up playing violin and averaging running 14 minute miles in middle school. She also DEFINITELY didn’t have a sweet tooth like me.


This is a hard lesson to learn for those of us who are looking to lose a few inches. We gravitate towards a set diet plan that someone else has had success on because it is easier than listen to your own body. It has taken almost 10 years for me to learn this lesson but once I let go of the “rules” and listened to my internal cues, I shed all of the extra weight that I had been holding on to.

So I know I told you not to follow any one else’s diet plan, but I wanted to show you what a day in the life of me looks like. It will show you how individual I am and how no one else will probably eat like me. I found what works and I’m stickin to it!



6:45am: coffee with 3 tbsp coconut cream and a splash of unsweetened almond milk blended

10:00am: leftover salad from the night before with balsamic vinegar, 2 tbsp hummus and 7 or 8 baby carrots

12:00pm: Beet Kombucha

2:30pm: 1 slice of sourdough bread, 1 slather of almond butter, 1 piece of bacon and 2 scrambled eggs on top

Yoga class

7:00pm: 1 pint of cucumber beer mixed with Kombucha

9:00pm: 1 burger (no bun), 1 baked sweet potato, 1 ear of corn (grilled), salad greens with asiago cheese and balsamic dressing, 1/4 avocado

9:30pm: 1 evo hemp cocoa cashew bar


My diet is very unconventional. I didn’t read it in a magazine and if I did, I would probably be weirded out that I would have to eat hummus for breakfast. Success with nutrition comes from listening to your body’s cues and learning what food you need. Happy and healthy planning. 

xo, Andrea

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