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3151 Walnut Street, Walnut Gardens 
Boulder, Colorado 80301


FITtec.TM studio in Boulder brings the cutting-edge technology to the Colorado health and fitness industry. The FITtec.TM EMS workout experience at Boulder studio is a personalized full-body strength and fitness solution that only takes 20 minutes.
Regardless of your goal, fitness level or current limitations, FITtec.TM provides a high intensity EMS workout that produces quicker results, with less time spent in the gym, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love.
Efficiency is the name of the game in today’s fast paced world and time is a scarce resource. FITtec.TM is giving our members their time back and making them stronger, fitter and healthier along the way.



“This place has surprised me in the best ways. I’m recovering from a recent shoulder fracture and the muscles surrounding it were very weak and painful. Desperate for relief, I went to my first FITtec.TM session without any expectations. After the first workout with Andrea, all the pain and tightness I’d been having vanished. My injured muscles are responding incredibly well to this form of strengthening, and it’s so great to feel the rest of my body getting stronger after two months of inactivity. I’d say I’m hooked and I’ve only completed a handful of sessions. The studio is clean and enjoyable, and their trainers are fantastic. I highly recommend trying this.”

— Rebekah Durham

“I LOVE this place! It is truly revolutionary how my body is transforming. Futuristic technology balanced with fun and easy going trainers. I like how efficient the workouts are. You definitely get the bang for your buck here!”

— Verita Perry

“I am thrilled to have found FITtec.TM! At 62, my goals are very different than they were decades ago. After losing mobility and health, I have made it my life’s mission to regain my health and keep my muscles strong! FITtec.TM is the perfect strategy. After 5 sessions, I experienced better energy, balance, overall muscle strength, and stamina. The best part is the amazing staff who sincerely cares about your results and designs the perfect workout to achieve your goals, knowing exactly how far to push. I look forward to every session!”

— Peggy Rosenbrock

“I try lots of things and almost anything fitness related. I have been an endurance athlete my entire life. I am always training. FITtec.TM is a game changer. Seriously, as far as strength training, I haven’t tried anything as effective and especially for 20 minutes! No matter your sport or physical recreation, being strong and balanced is critical. 20 minutes feels like you did p90x or spent a couple of hours in the gym trying to stay focused. It is hard to describe how hard you can work your muscles - that is why you have to try it. I have committed to doing 6 weeks and will review again, but after 1 session I was a believer; after 2 sessions sore and ready to work harder; 3 sessions feeling it, working hard and seeing results!”

— Dana Derichsweiler

“I usually lift weight 3x a week for an hour and am excited to find a new, multi-body workout that is only 20 minutes! FITtec.TM is a game changer. The workout stimulates a more complete use of muscles and alleviates the joint pain that would normally happen at this high level of lifting weights. It’s an amazing work out!”

— Laura Posen

“I am so excited about their technology. The staff is absolutely amazing and so positive. You leave feeling encouraged, and good about yourself! Also, I’ve had muscle pain from a hip surgery, and when I leave there, I am pain-free. I did the 10 sessions and could definitely tell a difference. I’m sold!”

— Lynn Saul

“Most incredible experience! Absolutely love it! I tell everyone I know about it. All the trainers are so positive and focused on my journey to rehabilitate. They have improved my lifestyle tremendously!”

— Denise O’Donnell

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