Functional Exercise Training and Undulating Periodization Enhances the Effect of Whole-Body Electrical muscle stimulation Training on Running Performance


ems strength training those who want to reduce the tension

A 6-week periodized and functional WB-EMS training program produces considerable higher on VO2max, VT2, RE, and ABJ in recreational runners compared with a traditional WB-EMS training program. Our findings indicate that WB-EMS training, as a novel stimulus, could complement or even modify the common training methods in runners. In addition, our results strongly support that WB-EMS training must be carefully designed and supervised, not only for safety reasons, but also for efficiency issues. This concept is particularly relevant in the commercial context where this type of technology could be understood as a completely autonomous training methodology. More studies are needed to better understand the practical applications of this new training methodology in other populations, to elucidate whether the improvements obtained are due to the exercises selected, or to the electrical parameters, or to its combination, and also to elucidate whether a traditional strength program get higher improvements in running performance than WB-EMS training.


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